Worldwide Lute Revival is Underway, From Paris to Philadelphia and China Lutenist Miguel Serdoura launches Le Luth Doré®.





PARIS and PHILADELPHIA, March 31, 2015

Critics have referred to Miguel Serdoura ( as "the prince of the lute" but in the months ahead he may become better known as a modern musical Henry Ford for making good on a life long dream to ensure and enhance global access to and playing of beloved, ancient instruments, starting with the lute.
Mr. Serdoura, 41, Portuguese-born and Paris-based, leads a group of visionary founders of Le Luth Dore (, the breakthrough non-governmental, early music preservation, appreciation, and performance organization. "We are the first worldwide initiative dedicated exclusively to honoring, preserving, and promoting the musical legacy of European early plucked instruments," he explains, noting that those instruments include early guitars and mandolins in addition to the lutes.
"Supported by our extraordinary, new China-based manufacturing facility, and an initial trio of outstanding strategic partners, we are poised to dramatically increase access by anyone in the world, at anytime, to affordable concert-quality lutes," he notes. "We fully expect that audiences will increasingly experience why this most ancient of string instruments – played only with the fingertips - is so magnificent and timeless."
Stephen M. Goodman, Esq., a distinguished Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based corporate attorney ( and accomplished pianist who has a residence in Paris, is a friend and advisor to Mr. Serdoura  "Miguel is a pioneer and problem solver, so I am not surprised that already we are seeing his luthiers crafting instruments that are, in every respect, impressing the most discriminating lutenists in Europe and United-States. Each one is a masterpiece."
LLD Advisor William H. Roberts, Esq., is an esteemed Philadelphia-based, international litigator (, long time violinist and, through his close friendship with Mr. Serdoura rael, convert to what he terms the "captivatingly gorgeous, hauntingly beautiful" lute. He is thrilled to be part of the LLD project. "We are not only aiming to make the lute, this most noble of instruments, available to the masses on a global scale," he explains, "but its incomparable and enduring repertoire of music composed and played for and by kings, perhaps most famously Henry VIII and Henry IX."
Among the first LLD lute customers is famed Dutch composer and award-winning lutenist Jozef van Wissem ( Mr. van Wissem, who in 2013 won the Cannes Soundtrack award for Only Lovers Left Alive (directed by Jim Jarmusch), said, "The lute is the perfect harmonic instrument and I am honored to be among the first to own and share with the world the sounds of this incredible LLD lute. It was the pop music instrument of the 1600's and with LLD it could be returning to pop prominence."
Mr. Serdoura estimates first-year sales of more than 1,000 instruments with orders steadily increasing to individual and institutional (including schools) customers. There is mounting reason for optimism as LLD, launched late last year, attracts established strategic partners, including Vicenza, Italy's Aquila Corde Armoniche ( the acclaimed string manufacturer, and premier luthiers Le Point d'Accroche (, Paris-based, headed by Wolfgang Fruh), and U.S. luthier Cezar Mateus, of Princeton, New Jersey ( The project includes plans for: a store in Paris for sale of lutes, theorbos, baroque guitars, strings and accessories; modern editions of historic repertoire and newly created instruction manuals; lessons for children and adults; a repair shop; and online sales.
"We are deeply honored to be the official string maker for the LLD line of instruments, starting with this remarkable model 8c Renaissance Lute," said Chairman Mimmo Peruffo. "Mr. Serdoura, who has been using our strings throughout his stellar career, is one of the world's great lutenists and we could not be more proud of this relationship."